Room Reservations

The Rooms

The Department of Microbiology & Immunology has two conference rooms and a reception area that are available for lab meetings, seminars, data clubs, and other departmental use. The rooms are:

  1. HHSC 1307 (up to 40 seats)
  2. HHSC 1212 (up to 28 seats)

Each room has a screen and projector.

To reserve HHSC 1307, contact Martine ( to book the room. The room is normally kept unlocked.

To reserve HHSC 1212, contact the Microbiology & Immunology office at 5-3647 or Carla ( to book the room. The key is located in the office (HHSC 1208).

In addition, the HHSC 12th floor lobby area is available for parties and receptions. It has standing capacity for up to 50 people. To reserve the HHSC 12 Lobby, contact Carla ( to book the area.



  • All chairs must be returned to original location, pushed under the table, and cleared of crumbs for the next occupant.
  • If food has been eaten, take special care to clear the table of crumbs, and wipe up any spills or stains. Water is available in the adjacent pantry rooms. Clean all trash from the table and counter and place in the waste bin. A recycling bin for cans and bottles is available in the adjacent pantry rooms.
  • Raise the screen back into its housing, turn off all lights.
  • If using HHSC 1212, make sure the door is locked and return the key to the main office.
  • In short, leave the room in as good or better condition than when you arrived.