Recent Notable Faculty Publications


Ladinsky, M.S., Araujo, L.P., Zhang, X., Veltri, J., Galan-Diez, M., Soualhi, S., Lee, C., Irie, K., Pinker, E.Y., Narushima, S., Bandyopadhyay, S., Nagayama, M., Elhenawy, W., Coombes, B.K., Ferraris, R.P., Honda, K., Iliev, I.D., Gao, N., Bjorkman, P.J. and Ivanov, I.I. (2019) Endocytosis of commensal antigens by intestinal epithelial cells regulates mucosal T cell homeostasis. Science 363: eaat4042.


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Nish, S.A., Zens, K.D., Kratchmarov, R., Lin, W.W., Adams, W.C., Chen, Y.H., Yen, B., Rothman, N.J., Bhandoola, A., Xue, H.H., Farber, D.L. and Reiner, S.L. (2017) CD4+ T cell effector commitment coupled to self-renewal by asymmetric cell divisions. J. Exp. Med. 214: 39-47.


Castellanos-Rubio, A., Fernandez-Jimenez, N., Kratchmarov, R., Luo, X., Bhagat, G., Green, P.H.R., Schneider, R., Kiledjian, M., Bilbao, J.R. and Ghosh, S. (2016) A long noncoding RNA associated with susceptibility to celiac disease. Science 352: 91-95.

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Luchsinger, L.L., de Almeida, M.J., Corrigan, D.J., Mumau, M. and Snoeck, H.W. (2016) Mitofusin 2 maintains haematopoietic stem cells with extensive lymphoid potential. Nature 529: 528-531.



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Panea, C., Farkas, A.M., Goto, Y., Abdollahi-Roodsaz, S., Lee, C., Koscso, B., Gowda, K., Hohl, T.M., Bogunovic, M. and Ivanov I.I. (2015) Intestinal monocyte-derived macrophages control commensal antigen-specific Th17 responses. Cell Reports 12: 1314-1324.

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