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Instructor Oliver Jovanovic
Phone: 212-568-9342
Fax: 212-543-2303

Oliver Jovanovic, Ph.D.

Instructor and Director of Bioinformatics & Information Technology
Ph.D., Columbia University

Computational biology; pattern recognition in prokaryotic DNA

Instruction and Research
Dr. Jovanovic founded the Introduction to Computational & Quantitative Biology courses taught in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology. He splits his time between acting as instructional faculty and running software companies he co-founded, which produce commercial software, educational software and tools and databases for computational biology. He currently serves as the department's Director of Bioinformatics & Information Technology.


Selected Publications

  1. de Felipe, K.S., Pampou, S., Jovanovic, O.S., Pericone, C.D., Ye, S.F., Kalachikov, S. and Shuman, H.A. (2005) Evidence for acquisition of Legionella type IV secretion substrates via interdomain horizontal gene transfer. J. Bacteriol. 187: 7716-7726.

  2. Jovanovic, O.S. and Figurski, D.H. (1997) A potential new gene (tccA) on IncP plasmid RK2 and transposon Tn1721: relationship of its product to the TrwC relaxase/helicase of IncW plasmid R388. Plasmid 38: 220-223.

  3. Jovanovic, O.S., Ayres, E.K. and Figurski, D.H. (1994) Host-inhibitory functions encoded by promiscuous plasmids. Transient arrest of Escherichia coli segregants that fail to inherit plasmid RK2. J. Mol. Biol. 237: 52-64.

  4. Thomson, V.J., Jovanovic, O.S., Pohlman, R. F., Chang, C.H. and Figurski, D.H. (1993) Structure, function, and regulation of the kilB locus of promiscuous plasmid RK2. J. Bacteriol.175: 2423-2435.

  5. Jovanovic, O.S., Ayres, E.K. and Figurski, D.H. (1992) The replication initiator operon of promiscuous plasmid RK2 encodes a gene that complements an Escherichia coli mutant defective in single-stranded DNA-binding protein. J. Bacteriol. 174: 4842-4846.