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The Department of Microbiology & Immunology has three internal core facilities that are available for use by the medical center community:

(1) Flow Cytometry Core, consisting of 220 sq. ft. of space in HHSC 1211A, presently containing a BD LSR II flow cytometer, a high-speed BD FACSAria II sorter and a BD LSRFortessa cell analyzer. Training for using the machines is provided by the manager of the facility, Amir Figueroa, by appointment ( or 212-342-4089). For more information, see the Flow Cytometry Core website.

(2) Microscopy Core, consisting of 209 sq. ft. of space in HHSC 1201, containing a Zeiss 710 confocal microscope, a Zeiss Axio Imager upright microscope, and access to a department wide installation of OpenLab and Volocity software from Improvision available through an Improvision License Server. Access to the microscopes requires prior training. Contact Amir Figueroa ( or 212-342-4089) if you need training.

(3) Computational Core, consisting of 159 sq. ft. of space in HHSC 1203, which contains a computer room containing six Macintosh workstations, and additional computational support provided to department members through an Apple XServe, Apple XRaid and a departmental backup system.

To reserve time on the Zeiss microscope or a Flow Cytometry Core BD instrument, see Equipment Reservations.

In addition, the laboratories of individual faculty at the Department of Microbiology & Immunology are home to a number of pieces of major equipment that are shared and available for department members to use. For details of the equipment available, and who to contact, see Shared Equipment.

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